Zymme - America’s #1 Pillow Perfected

Zymme - America’s #1 Pillow Perfected

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Are you using the best pillow for you?

NO — if you struggle with back, shoulder, and neck pains every morning.

NO — if your joints and muscles throb every time you wake.

NO — if you find yourself stressed in the mornings, yelling at everyone, and unproductive. It might be you are not getting quality sleep.

Wake up refreshed. Even if you can’t remember what that feels like.

Most pillows aren’t designed to provide any support for your back or neck. Even those that are don’t work for everyone.

So we set out to create one that does. Our engineers ran the tests. Analyzed 100s of pillows.

Until they found the perfect formula to not experience pain caused by poor sleeping posture.

Better Sleep, From the Very First Night

Get ready to sleep better with Zymme Get ready to sleep better with Zymme

When you sleep better, you live better

No more struggling through morning meetings

Poor quality pillows and bad sleep mean you end up two coffees in, and still yawning your way through your 10am Zoom. But with a Zymme pillow to properly support your neck and spine, you’ll sleep in comfort and wake up ready to give your all.

No more waking up thinking ‘I shouldn’t feel this old’

Without proper, ergonomic support, back and neck pain inevitably creep in. Our bodies simply aren’t designed for soft, unsupportive pillows. We’ve designed the Zymme to provide the perfect level of support, so your body can find its natural sleeping position.

The luxury you can take anywhere

From hotel beds to airport seats – take your Zymme with you wherever you go. So you never have to sacrifice sleep when you travel. You’ll even get a handy travel bag as part of the package.

Join 1000+ customers and wake up ready to take on the world

Uniquely supportive, pain reducing design

Rather than waking up groggy, sore and wishing you had another 8 hours to spend in bed….

  • Clever, double-sided design. Choose the contoured, ergonomic side for maximum pain caused by poor sleeping posture relief and support. Or the smooth side for maximum comfort.
  • Larger than average size means extra comfort and better sleep. No rolling off or readjusting.
  • Ventilated memory foam inner allows air to actively move through the center of the pillow. So you stay cool and feel refreshed.
Want more sleep?

Custom support. However you like to sleep.

Side Sleepers

Back Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

Zymme vs. Regular Pillows

Regular Pillows

These may be cheap, but they are not made with any ergonomic intent. They don’t support vertebrae, making them indirectly (sometimes directly) responsible for the muscle and joint pains you feel after waking.

Zymme luxury support pillow

Keeping your natural curves steady and absorbing pressure is what memory foam pillows do best. Zymme takes it further by adding breathability, affordability, and luxury feeling to the mix.

See it in action

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Why Choose Zymme?

Advanced Memory Foam
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Ideal for Back, Side & Stomach Sleepers
Molds to your Unique Shape and Weight
Affordable Price

What’s Inside Zymme

1. Memory Foam (Ventilated)

For cool and deep sleeping

2. Dedicated Contoured side

For shoulder pressure relief in side sleepers

3. Rounded Corners

Perfect for snugglers — sleepers who love cuddling their pillows.

4. Neck Support Zone

Designed to give extra support to the cervical spine for back or stomach sleepers

5. Protective Inner Cover

As extra protection against dust mites, allergens, stains, and moisture.

6. Flip Switch

Zymme’s two sides (flat and contoured) mean you can switch support structures anytime.

What people are asking about the Zymme

Q: Can the Zymme pillow help to alleviate my back and neck pain?

A: Yes, it can help alleviate pain from poor sleep posture. Recognizing that poor sleep posture often triggers discomfort, our Zymme pillow is expertly designed to help reduce back and neck pain and alleviate tension headaches and shoulder discomfort. Experience enhanced spine support and relief as you sleep

Q: Does it help with snoring?

A: If your snoring is caused or made worse by poor sleep posture (which is very common), then the Zymme should help by correcting your posture and helping you breathe better.

Q: I'm a light sleeper. Can the Zymme pillow improve my sleep quality?

A: Indeed. The Zymme pillow acknowledges that light sleep can stem from various factors such as stress, discomfort, or snoring. By providing exceptional comfort and fostering an optimal sleep position, it aids in deepening your sleep, ensuring a more restful night.

Q: Is the Zymme pillow suitable for travel?

A: Absolutely! The Zymme pillow's lightweight and portable design makes it the perfect travel companion. Whether you're on a plane, staying in a hotel, or even during road trips, the Zymme pillow caters to your sleep needs, regardless of your location or sleep position.

Q: Is it really breathable?

A: Yes. Most memory foam is dense and can feel hot. But the Zymme is made of our unique breathable memory foam with small holes that allow air to circulate freely so you stay cool.

Q: Would the Zymme pillow be a thoughtful gift?

A: Without a doubt. Many satisfied customers have chosen to gift the Zymme pillow to their loved ones. An ideal present for those who work tirelessly or frequently journey, as well as for elderly individuals coping with joint and muscle discomfort. The Zymme pillow is a gift of unparalleled comfort and support.

Start your day in the most perfect way

Customer Reviews

Nancy S.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
I have spent hundreds on specialty pillows and this one by far is the best!! I was skeptical when I unpacked it as it appears a bit flimsy and light but I have slept soundly each night for a week so far and bought 2 more!!
Gretchen F.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
An excellent shape; head and cervical spine come to rest; the neck pain is gradually saying goodbye! I have no hesitation in recommending this pillow! Thanks very much!
Elizabeth M.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
I`ve had many pillows where I`ve been told this is the best, but my head and neck disagreed. I`ve found the best with the Zymme pillow. It`s ergonomic and skin-friendly, just great!
Hellen L.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
I really love my pillow. I experienced bad sleeping positions before, and headache and shoulderpains every day. Now- 4.day with my new pillow, I have slept like a baby and my pain is gone.
Matt D.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
The structure of the fitting is ideal, not too hard not too soft! i love the concept of reverse laying on the head cause it helps my neck out greatly! i’m gonna buy another one for my wife since she liked it too! great product !
Dan O.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
The pillow helped me a lot. The big advantage is actually the beveled center of the pillow. I have tried different neck support pillows but this one really helped. It is firm, but still so soft that side sleepers are very comfortable.
Faye C.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
Great product! After letting it retain the original shape; I started using it the next night. Have been using it every night since then and each of those nights; had the best sleep in a long time.
Dilip G.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
I love my pillow. Its the right shape and its not hard like the other special pillows - its nice and soft.
William P.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
The pillow is just the right size and not too high. It prevents my head from buckling backwards and I feel relaxed in the neck area

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